• Hector Teaches clients how to:

    Hector teaches clients how to work out so that eventually they don’t need him. He is not into client retention. The goal is “train with Hector for a few months and then you will have the knowledge and confidence to work out on your own.”

  • Personal Training at a Gym:

    Hector currently works out of a personal training studio in Silver Spring, MD. Three of his good friends decided to open a personal training studio – Full Circle Fitness. This personal training studio has all of the equipment necessary for clients to gain strength in a semi-private setting. Most of Hector’s personal training sessions are broken down into resistance training and cardiovascular training.

  • In-Home Weight Loss Training:

    This program works well for one-on-one, families, couples, and friends who do not want to join a gym but want to lose weight in a more private setting. Hector comes to you. He will discuss your goals, lifestyle, and desires. Then he will create a program that you both commit to and the training will begin. Hector will teach you in your house how to do exercise routines with dumb bells, kettle bells, phsyio-balls, steppers, resista-bands, machines, cables, and any other equipment you may have.

    Hector coming to your house for personal training has 2 main benefits:

    • Teaches you how to exercise and eat well.
    • More importantly, commits you to exercising. Because once Hector is at your door, you have no choice but to exercise!
  • Boot Camp Sessions – Minimum 4 people

    Get some friends together who want to get fit. The boot camp will include cardio vascular training in the forms of light jogs, sprints, and running/walking in place. It will be fun but it will be tough. We will do resistance training in the form of weights, push-ups, resista-bands, and other activities. Boot camps are outdoors as they should be.

  • Walking for Weight Loss:

    The Walking Groups are designed to allow groups begin a weight loss program with walking and light weight training.
    You will learn proper workout techniques that will enhance your routine and improve results. Group programs available.

    • Cardiovascular activity to burn calories and improve your cardiovascular condition (heart).
    • Resistance training to build lean muscle mass that will increase your metabolism.
    • Exercises to increase flexibility.
  • Nutrition Programs:

    A Trip to the Grocery Store

    • This is a session for your knowledge.

    • Hector will come with you to your grocery store and walk up and down every aisle and answer any questions you may have about food. He will teach you to read labels, offer suggestions on different foods to eat that might solve cravings, and he will finitely show you what foods you should never touch.

    • Hector will accompany you to the grocery store and educate you while you shop.
    • You will learn healthy alternatives to the foods you love to each every day.
    • You will understand how to read the nutrition facts and make choices to help you lose weight.

    Nutrition Education/Planning

    Hector will teach you the facts and fallacies about nutrition. He, along with a certified nutrition counselor, will create a food plan that allows you to enjoy the foods you love while implementing a healthier lifestyle.

    • You will learn the truth about carbs, fats, and proteins.
    • You will learn the truth about fad diets.
    • Hector will work with you to create a food plan that fits your lifestyle – your likes and dislikes.
    • Hector will help you make better food choices.
    • Hector will teach what foods you should stay away from all together.

    We also have Norma Vargas on staff, a registered dietitian, who will assist with the nutrition analysis. Norma also is a diabetic’s counselor, who can help diabetics with their food choices to aid in weight loss.


Serving the MD, DC, and VA area