The Vargas Integrative Approach (VIA) is made up of 3 basic principles: Move. Lift. Eat.

As a personal trainer/weight loss coach, Hector realized early on, that for a client, simply “hiring” a trainer was not enough. He knew something was missing. He quickly realized that clients shouldn’t be taught only how to lift weights, but also how to move, and eat. The approach to weight loss and fitness has to be integrative and well understood by the client in order to succeed. The goal of the VIA Program is to provide education and guidance to help you understand what it takes for your body and lifestyle to reach optimal health and wellness. Hector personally evaluates everything, from your food choices to your everyday movement habits, to help him create a program that best suits your body type, fitness level, likes, dislikes, and best of all, health and fitness goals. Hector customizes the VIA Program for each individual client so that you, the client, ultimately will no longer need anyone but yourself to reach and maintain your and fitness goals.

Below, you will find a detailed explanation of each basic principles:

  • Move

    MOVE. Cardiovascular Integration

    Hector will personally assess your activity level and determine the correct level of cardio training for your goals. Hector will bring you along slowly until you reach a level of cardiovascular fitness you are satisfied with. He will then teach you how to integrate your cardio activity into your everyday life to maintain your cardio fitness and desired weight.

    Direct results and benefits of cardiovascular integration into your everyday
    life include:

    Enabling your body to do work without your lungs and heart feeling fatigued or tired.
    Allows your normal daily activities, such as walking up a hill or a set of stairs, to become easier.
    Helps shed extra pounds and releases “feel good” chemicals. It is one of nature’s natural anti-depressants.
  • Move

    LIFT. Strength Integration

    Hector will design and guide you through a strength and resistance training program that will be best for your current physical condition and your long term health and fitness goals. He will assess your strength and conditioning levels and work around any physical limitations you may have. (Click here to read Willa's incredible story, a 69 year old survivor of a massive stroke)

    Resitance and training benefits into your everyday life include:

    Increase your metabolism.
    Burn calories.
    Strength gains allow your everyday activities to become easier.
    Increases bone density.
  • Move

    EAT. Nutrition Integration

    Together, we devise a nutrition plan that suits your lifestyle and food preferences.

    The goal of this VIA Program principle is to change the way you view and consume different foods. Hector, with the aid of Norma Vargas, a registered dietician and certified diabetes educator, will teach you the effect different foods have on the human body, good and bad.

    Benefits of this part of the program include:

    Hector will accompany you to the grocery store and provide an educational experience that will make you a better informed consumer.
    Nutrition Education
    Learn the truth about fats, carbs, and proteins. Cut through the fad diets and dieting myths, and learn why some diets are unsuccessful in the long run.

    (The VIA Team also includes Norma Vargas, a registered dietician and certified diabetes educator who can be consulted with upon request).


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