Hello and welcome to the official website of the VIA Wellness Program.

It is our pleasure to offer you information about VIA as well as share with you the personal stories of success and triumph of some of our clients. This is also where you can learn the personal story of VIA Wellness founder, Hector Vargas. Hector has used his over 10 years of expertise in the area of personal training, and more specifically weight loss, to create a program that is complete and incorporates his three main philosophies: Move, Lift, and Eat.

VIA Boot Camp

A challenging, high calorie burning, extremely fun, outdoor or indoor boot-camp created and monitored by Hector Vargas who actually served in the mother of all boot-camps, the United States Marine Corps!
Don’t worry, he won’t train you like a Marine, unless that is what you want. For groups of 4 or more.
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Training Tips

Training Tips

Hector will post videos and information regarding exercise, nutrition, and other important aspects of health and wellness. He will keep it simple, understandable, and doable.
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See Our Results

Check out some of Hector’s clients that have lost weight and gained strength using the VIA Wellness approach.
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Serving the MD, DC, and VA area